Mindfulness & Creativity courses

Mindfulness and creativity 


The focus required in the making of a piece is, for Jo, an embodiment of mindfulness.  To sit with beginner’s mind….. a quiet mind…… attuning to one’s awareness…… allows an organic process to unfold. 

Mindfulness & Creativity Workshops and Retreats

Jo offers one day workshops on ‘Mindfulness through Creativity, Working from the Heart’. For more information, please contact Jo for further details.


‘I enjoyed the day with you and with the others. You created a gentle working and meditative space…so nourishing for me, thank you so much. I enjoyed too the warmth, the materials all so generously to hand and your teaching, the poems…………….. and your lovely lunch’                                                              Denise R

‘Jo provided a warm welcome in her cosy cottage and was attentive to our needs throughout the day. We were nourished in every way! It was a treat to choose from such an array of yarns including some surprising and unusual ones. Jo was on hand to provide clear guidance on how to incorporate them with our ideas using various techniques. The mixture of mindfulness, self-compassion, and beautiful, thought-provoking poetry meant that we could really go with the flow and see what unfolded. A truly heartwarming day.’                                               Louise B

Brief guided Mindfulness experience as part of exhibition

In my recent exhibition, one exhibit (a series of five) called Blessée, which is French for ‘wounded’, was placed behind a screen with an invitation to spend a short time alone with it, taking part in a brief recorded Mindfulness practice; many people found it deeply moving. (The piece has mosaic gold glass woven into the piece with steel wire.) When my work touches people in this way, and helps them to feel a connection with our common humanity, instead of feeling alone with the challenges that life inevitably brings, I am content.